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'Sabriyya Kalmeralm' (c) Paizo Publishing and Maximovich Ekaterina

A woman well into her prime, perhaps even a it beyond.  A touch of silver lightens her otherwise dark and short cropped hair.  Several slender wrinkles crease her otherise firm and smooth skin.  She stands tall, holds herself with pride, and moves with a careful, calculated grace.

The Night Lady Tavern and InnEdit

Agnes Delfray is the supposed owner and manager of the Night Lady Taverna and Inn.  She also hosts the games held at the inn, and the prizes offered are from her own personal and private stash.  She is proported to be a retired adventurer, living off the spoils of her youthful ventures.  Agnes never appears in pulic except to host the games, and always masked.  Some say, during her last quest an injury left her horribly scarred, forcing her retirement and causing her to wear the masks as she does.

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The Fox.  The Fox is the face of the loosely associated band of thieves and brigands.  She acts primarely as their leader though it is a nominal position at best.