Territory claimed by Azgorh. Controlled territory doesn't extend beyond the first river to the north.

Azgorh is the largest kingdom as far as landmass in concerned, however it is the most sparsely populated of the southern lands. Ruled by King Tuul, it is a rough and largely untamed land, poor and by far the most dangerous. With their northern border surrounded by the Glimmerhorn Forest, residents of Azgorh are accustomed to violence and death - and fear neither.


There are two distinct types of people in Azgorh...

In the Capital, there is a large and thriving intellectual community. A safe land for the Council of Magi, the Council does many charitable works, funds school and helps build and maintain infrastructure in the land. Though wary of outsiders, the presense of the Magi helps tame the paranoia and militant attitudes of the population.

Outside the capital, particularly further north, the realm is just one giant frontier. Although Azgorh claims the Glimmerhorn Forest, nothing beyond the first northern river - Deadman's Flow - is explored, settled, or even populated. The Glimmerhorn is an incredibly dangerous wood. The elves, monsters, and incredible beasts that inhabit it have made it impossible to live there. Strange occurances and attacks against towns and settlers are not uncommon. However traders, speculators, and adventurers often use Azgorh's towns as jumping points... or medical stations when they come back from the Glimmerhorn battered, beaten, and terrified. If they come back. As a result, the people who survive there are hearty and gruff survivors, highly wary of non-humans.


Azgorh is very friendly with the Council of Magi and officials are often openly hostile to the Chanter's Cloister and look for every reason to kill Chanters and their allies. Other religions are tentatively tolerated.

Racial ViewEdit

Humans are the dominate race in Azgorh. Outside the Capital, particularly to the north, the people tend to be more xenophobic and paranoid of non-humans.

Elves: Persecuted heavily and should tred carefully in these lands for its people have a long history of war with Elvish folk from the Glimmerhorn. Open hostilities ceased long ago, but old hatreds remain.

Dwarves: Seldom trusted and do not find good business prospects in this land.

Hobbits: "Acceptable" enough, but generally choose not to travel through Azgorh, often finding it's people a bit inhospitable.

Drow: Seen as no different than elves, but they are often regarded with suspicion and have a chance to convince locals otherwise before being attacked.

Important CitiesEdit

Azgorh's capital bears the same name. It is a medium walled city with a heavy guard presence and has one market district. The primary taverns in Azguard are "The Silver Hammer" and "The Knifed Ear," that latter being a decidedly unpleasent location for elves.

Durbin is a large walled city that guards one of the only official entry points to the Glimmerhorn Forest. It has an abundant guard presence and is ruled by Guul Tonnus, the commander of the Azgorh military. It has one market district and it's primary tavern is "The Dragon's Bane."