Territory claimed by Bandor.

Bandor is by no means the largest of the human nations, but it may well be the most powerful. As a unified kingdom under the strong arm of King Myric, the Kingdom of Bandor has few problems with brigands, highwaymen, or any other threats to the day to day life of its people, however in exchange, there are very few personal freedoms in Bandor and the taxes are high. The Cloister is revered in Bandor and Magi walk there at their own peril.


Bandorites are a highly militarized and spartan nation. They do not engage in many "frivolities" such as art or music, as much personal creativity is stemmed by oppression. However the country is stable and safe enough for those wishing to conduct trade. The mines of Bandor offer an endless supply of mineral wealth to forge and trade with, but also enough danger that the civilians are satisfied with a strong, ever-present military.


Bandor has fully accepted the Cloister and has outlawed the practice of magic within its borders. The penalty is nothing short of death and is carried out swiftly. Though other religions are (barely) tolerated amongst travelers, magic users of any race or creed meet the same fate.

Racial ViewsEdit

Bandor is a human kingdom.

Elves: Though they live there, most would rather not. They are subjugated with prejudice, stripped of all rights, and although Bandor holds to a treaty that outlawed the enslavement of elves, they are forced to work for long hours with very little pay.

Dwarves: Should feel comfortable conducting business in Bandor, but are little trusted.

Hobbits: They are, of course, welcomed and generally treated as endearing curiosities.

Drow: A little worse off than dwarves. Trade through the underdark is common enough, but to see drow on the surface generates dislike and suspicion.

Important CitiesEdit

Bandor is the capital of the kingdom. It is a large walled city with one enormous market district and temples at every corner. The primary taverns are very joyously called "The Burn" and "The Hanged Mage."

Porton is a major trade port on the eastern coast of Bandor. Its more cosmopolitan nature makes it one of the most tolerant cities in the nation. It has five market districts catering to various interests. The primary taverns are "The Ox and Wheel," "The Main Mast," and "The Golden Septer."

Elerium is the birthplace of the Temple and the headquarters to the Holy Reverend Mother and the archdiocese of the Cloister. There is one market district and the most popular tavern is "The Risen Sun."