Ghur'nic is the only known kingdom of dwarves. Though it is likely that there are more deeply hidden within the earth, the Ghur'nic operate as traders, smiths, and mercenaries across Evanwyn, providing valuable metals and minerals for armor and treasuries alike. In that way, dwarves had managed to carve out niches for themselves in every part of Evanwyn. As a kingdom, the Ghur'nic have managed to avoid entering in conflicts with other realms and for this they are both appreicated and mistrusted. Their kingdom beneath the mountains is rumored to be a spectacular feat of engineering, a truly beautiful marvel to behold.



The dwarves of Ghur'nic seem more superstitious than devout. Though they are open to the religious beliefs of others, however they revere three gods in particular:

Dalnish Goldbeard: God of profit, greed, trade, and enterprise.

Nokzam the Volal: God of battle, protection, and healing.

Zuntara Hammerhand: Goddess of invention, creation, the hearth (home) and forge.

Though there are few religious zealots outside of Ghur'nic, these three deities have already shaped their society. Males are frequently those who travel as traders or mercenaries while the women guard the mountain home and are master crafters of trade-goods and weapons. Though smiths of either gender can be found setting up shops without stigma, it is the girls who grow up with a smith's hammer in hand, while the boys count gold and use the blades.

Racial ViewsEdit

Dwarves are generally neutral with all the peoples of Evanwyn. The humans of Tilea and Azgorh are easy enough to trade with, though Bandor is thought to be full of penni-pinchers and rude folk. Te'luri elves are also easy to trade with so long as you're quick to badmouth humans. Hobbits? Like siblings. The relationship with drow is a bit more complicated as Ghur'nic does guard entrances to the underdark in nearby mountains and deep underground caverns - however when they decide not to raid one another, they make excellent trading partners.

Important CitiesEdit

The only city known is that of Ghur'nic, the namesake of these dwarves. Carved deep within the mountains, there are only two entrances known to non-dwarves, one on either side of The Melting Mountain (Kalal, to the dwarves). An enormous mountain whose unusual slopes distinguish it from others in the range. Both entrances are massive and built to stun those who see them. The city beneath is a vast expanse of massive horridors and structures all built into the stone, indescribable (and fairly dark) for most outsiders.