This page is an encyclopedia of the fantastical monsters and supernatural beasts found within the realm of Evanwyn. Please feel free to add creatures and your variations for other players to see or use, but keep the categories clean and in alphabetical order. Animals of a less fantastical nature should be included in the Flora and Fauna page.

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Please note: No dragons or deities are to be added to this list.

Demons and DevilsEdit

What have you found in the deepest pits of the earth?

Extraplanar CreaturesEdit

Summoned-beasts, creatures found on elemental planes, etc...


Dryads, sidhe, fairies, wicked and benevolent alike...

Humanoid MonstersEdit

Lycanthropes Trolls, troglodytes, etc...

Just Plain Monsters...Edit

Beholders, oozes, and all a manner of nasties...


Zombies, ghouls, wraiths, etc...

I Have No Idea What This Thing IsEdit

Leave something here and we'll help you categorize it.