Nocturne is a highly secretive coalition, contructed and ran by a board of high ranking members.  The organization was formed to help aid those of less than completely legal trades find work, and elude policing forces.  Clearly, due to its nature and membership, its existance is not highly publicized nor spoken of openly.


Nocturne finds new members, new members do not find Nocturne.  Professions sought however can range from burglers, pick pockets, grifters, rogues, street buskers, spies, assassins and any number of other such scoundrals and ne'r-do-wells.


1. All information concerning fellow members and about Nocturne itself must be kept secret upon pain of death.

2. Side jobs not taken through Nocturne are acceptable, but must not conflict with the needs of Nocturne.

3. Any job taken through Nocturne contacts must be completed, upon pain of death.

4. Any member not meeting these expectations is subject to review by the Nocturne council.

5. All afore mentioned codes are more guidelines really, and are subject to change.

(Please see Sydelle/Hedone Gi'nae/EuphemiaGalla for more info)


Agnes Delfray

Lah Lah