This page is an encyclopedia of player owned businesses found within the realm of Evanwyn. This is not to be confused with guilds and similar organizations, which can be found in the Other Organizations category. Perhaps your characters owns a smithie in Bandor? Or runs a trade-route across Tor? An herbal shop or casino? Feel free to list your business here in alphabetical order.

Please provide the following: business name, location, player to contact (if any), and a brief (no more than a few sentences) description about your business. You can feel free to link a secondary wiki page to further elaborate on your business.

A - GEdit

The Blue Lotus  - Barra Lanke (Vixx Tonanuor) - Located at the edge of the Meat Market, the Blue Lotus is a brothel and entertainment lounge that specializes in catering to the more bizarre and curious tastes out there as well as playing host to many artistic events. Any desire can and will be sated... for a price, of course.

The Gendarmerie - Not strictly a business but a Council sanctioned team of do-gooders and justiciars. 

H - PEdit

Night Lady, the:Tavern and Inn  - A moderately sized Inn of relatively new build.  It sits at a cross roads and has of late been host to a number of test of skill.  The owner reputedly was once a sucessful adventurer and offer prizes from her own collection.  The prizes are always of master work quality and usually of a magical nature.

Q - ZEdit

The Wandering Monk Tavern : Located in Tilea The Wandering Monk Tavern serves traditional Tileas dishes reimagined with a Tong twist. Good ale and a wide selection of wines and spirits round out this delightfully unexpected menu.