Rhiamon is an island full of mystery and legend. No one ever remembers if it was ever open to the rest of the world. There are rumors that if you tried to actually go visit the island, one foot upon it's shores would drive you mad and you would never be seen from again.

Though, lately, the whispers and stories are changing. Passing ships can now see people on the shores and explorers have found massive, empty ruins of once magnificent cities... There is no sign of what happened to the inhabitants, but whispers and shadows haunt empty corridors and dark woods.

Important LocationsEdit

Several vast ruins of cities that are as of yet unnamed. Adventurers have started to creep onto the isle to see what plunder there is to be found.


Gossiping sailors say the mysterious vanished inhabitants of the isle worshipped their (no doubt beautiful, they'd say with a leer) mysterious Queen, others say they were cannibals, or perhaps not people at all. One popular story is that a mad mage once turned the entire island into a playground for demons. Some will point to it's proximity near Xin and say blight wiped out a once proud peoples. A less popular story is that were are no people on the island and that the mirages on the shore are caused by hot air and scurvy - the ruins are remnants of civilizations past.


Which drunken sailor at the bar are you asking?

Racial ViewsEdit

You need people to have opinions.

Notable DangersEdit

The island itself is generally avoided at all costs. It's proximity to Xin only makes sailors that much more wary and the elves of Suin'ai patrolling the oceans around the undead land are not receptive to increased traffic in these waters..