Hobbits (halflings) seem to be somewhat nomadic in Evanwyn, but they are welcomed where ever they go. Their main holdings, however, are at the far southern end of Evanwyn, at Stillbank. Stillbank is something of a loose affiliation of towns, sheltered by forest, pastoral, and blessed with fair weather. There is little in the way of mining or exotic goods, and the hobbits have made happy, peaceful homes there.



The hobbits have a plethora of deities and spirits, none of which garner particularly fanatic worship. However there are certainly several gods that get a lot of attention, particularly those of peace, the home, and beer.

Racial ViewsEdit

Humans, elves, and dwarves all like the hobbits well enough and are pleased to leave their home in peace. The halflings themselves have no particular favorites, though the cruelty of Bandorians to elves puts them ill at ease.

Important CitiesEdit