Outside of Suin'ai , the largest kingdom of elves is north of the dangerous Glimmerhorn Forest - the Kingdom of Te'luri. An ancient holding, the elves there have a long, bile-filled history with the humans to the south, whom subjugated their peoples and continue to treat them poorly. Centuries ago, Te'luri launched a campaign to free their southern kin from slavery and servitude, calling on their northern Suin'ai breathern for aid. Since their (albiet limited) success, they have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with across Evanwyn. Open hostilities ceased long ago, but the hatred is ancient



The elves of Te'luri view their king and queen as true representatives of the natural world. The ancient familial line of Oiracam serve as leaders of the loose druidic faith of the elves, as well as political leaders. Most elves subscribe to a druidic, nature-based faith, but in Te'luri it is not an enforced part of the culture. Gods and goddesses are also worshiped, though no one in particular is overly dominate. 

Racial ViewEdit

Needless to say, the Elves in Te'luri have a special hatred for humans, particularly those from Bandor and Azgorh. Some are quicker to draw a bow than others, but a long history of war with the southern human kingdoms means a weapon will *always* be drawn.

Dwarves mingle too freely with humans for Te'lurian's tastes. They are recluse and greedy as well, but make decent trading partners.

As for the hobbits, they're a fair race and hard to dislike. Their beer is also quite excellent.

Drow were once brothers, but their time beneath the earth has made them foreign, strange, and untrustworthy. Still, they are shown more favor than most humans.

Important CitiesEdit

Beyond the beautiful spiraling towers of the capital called Te'luri, there are few cities of which to speak in the Kingdom. There are numerous towns and clusters along the coast and in the Glimmerhorn, however they seem to be constantly moving... or maybe humans just can't keep track of them.