Widely nomadic, hugely varied in culture and appearance, the Traveling People as they loosely refer to themselves are somewhat unique in the world of Evanwyn.  While almost every enclave has a story depicting their lands of origin, none can truely agree as to which is the most accurate.  The Traveling People, or Travelers can be found any continent, and nearly every land.   While most do travel in enclaves or family groups, there are many that have also taken to founding fixed communities as well.


The Traveling People are as varied as the lands they travel through.  Over the years, after adopting the habits of local cultures and marriages between local people, the People developed their own individual cultural identities.  Travelers can range from dark haired and swarthy skinned Tinkers to fair skinned and fair haired pick pocketing swindlers.  

One of the few similarities that link all of The People is a tradition of song, dance, and story telling.  There is no written language for the Travelers, and their complex and colorful family histories are passed down through oral traditions.  Teachers and story tellers are highly regarded, along with their clan chief.

Magic depends entirely upon each enclave.  While some will practise small forms of divination and the like, others scorn it.


As varied as the People themselves.  Some ascribe to more shamanistic practices while others have adopted the religions of the cultures around them.

Racial ViewEdit

While marriage with Outsiders does happen, most enclaves tend to be fairly closed communities.  Travelers will work with, fight beside, and befriend Outsiders and other races to some extent, but the extent of this cooporation is dependant upon the enclave.  Conversly, their standing within the communities they travel through is contentious. While some are openly welcomed others are reviled and distrusted.

Their relationships with other races is just as varied, with the exception of the Hobbits.  Halflings and Travelers tend to get along splendidly as many of their culture and habits are rather complimentary to one another.

Important CitiesEdit

The Traveling People have only a few minor settled communities, however there are several large Enclaves of note. (soon to come.)