Tong is a steppe plain where nomadic horse-masters roam. There is incredible diversity to be found here both in races and in tribal groups. Some estimates place unaffiliated bands across Tong at well-over one hundred. However it is difficult to say just how many beings occupy the land, the majority are nomadic and ever-moving. What many do have in common, human, elf, or otherwise, is the horse. Their life-styles and religions often revolve around the beast and the horses of Tong are a highly sought-after commodity across the world of Evanwyn.

Important LocationsEdit


Varies greatly from group to group and race to race. In other words, feel free to make up your own!


Also varies greatly from group to group and race to race.

Racial ViewsEdit

Again, varies. Some groups are highly hospitable, others are xenophobic and likely to attak on sight.

Notable DangersEdit

Many visitors get lost on the endless plains and die of dehydration or starvation. The wild animals that inhabit the region can also be as aggressive and ill-tempered as some of its humanoid inhabitants.