A nightmare realm where the land is eternally blighted and the dead walk. Rumors say it is filled with untold treasures to be found in it's abandoned cities and temples... Someone will rise up, saying they have survived Xin and uncovered some artifact of power or immense riches, but these are often written off as charletans or simply feeding a bard's love of a good story. even then, few ever genuinely say they have returned from the heart hellish land.

Even the long-lived elves cannot remember a time when the undead did not plague Xin. Their attacks on the Walls of Suin'ai come intermittently and sometimes there is not a sighting for a decade. Without fail, they always appear again.

Some are little more than shambling zombies of various races, other are more disturbing, and terrifying creatures found only in the darkest corners of one's mind. No one knows their origin or how they seem to constantly replenish their numbers, but the eternal damned roam the wildlands of Xin. Below the earth, drow forces keep them out of the intricate underdark tunnels. Along the coast, elvish ships patrol and special magi, trained for centuries, keep watch below the water, but thus far, the undead have seemed disinterested in walking below the ocean's surface... enough have tried, however, for the living to fear...

Important LocationsEdit

Any exits.


No living civilization is known.


What god can help you here?

Racial ViewsEdit

The dead do not discriminate.

Notable DangersEdit

Are all around you.